Welcome, Georgia Tech Outreach Trainer! Our online system allows you to report your training classes and request cards for the following classes:
  • 10-hour Construction
  • 30-hour Construction
  • 10-hour General Industry
  • 30-hour General Industry
This system also allows for easier and more efficient recordkeeping for our trainers.

Please take a moment to review OSHA’s training webpage to ensure your Outreach Training Report information is correct before submitting: http://www.osha.gov/dte/outreach/index.html.

Georgia Tech OSHA Outreach Trainer Webinar

The Georgia Tech OSHA Training Institute Education Center (OTIEC) held an Outreach Trainer Webinar series on January 15, 2019. In this session SHES and OTIEC Director Myrtle Turner Harris and others from the team discussed the outreach training program requirements, procedures, and changes.

Webinar Access Instructions:
1. Webinar Link: Download Presentation

Outreach Trainer Program Guideline Updates

OSHA periodically updates the requirements that authorized Outreach trainers must follow in conducting and reporting OSHA Outreach Training Program classes. The 2019 general Outreach Training Program Requirement and supporting documents for Construction Industry Procedures, and General Industry Procedures have been updated on the OSHA.gov.

OSHA Outreach Training Program Requirements:

Industry Specific Procedures

Construction Industry Procedures:

General Industry Procedures: