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OSHA has announced its intention to publish a list of OSHA-authorized Outreach trainers to its website. The list will serve as a resource that allows members of the general public to find Outreach trainers in their area. The list will include a trainer’s name, authorized industries, city, state, email address, and phone number. Trainers must opt-in to be included on the list. The list will initially be updated monthly and eventually be updated quarterly. Trainers may change their decision to opt-in at any time with the understanding that the change will be reflected on the following update. This website (https://outreachtrainer.gatech.edu) will also publish a similar publicly accessible list of trainers.

If you would like your name, authorized industries, city, state, email address, and phone number published on both OSHA’s list and this website, please check the box to the left.

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NOTE: Only trainers who have completed their training at the Georgia Tech OTI Education Center can use this site to submit their course reports.

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